The night view of the road is a lot more impressive with all the lights on and surrounded by the dark black sky. Guests can appreciate the interacting socially atmosphere around them as they see mannered people eating enthusiastically at the elegant tables. The piece de resistance, of is certainly the sinful Godiva Chocolate lava, valued at around fifty dollars apiece, which is a parting present for you, if you were to visit Graph Residence Alexandria on a recommendation from a pal or relative. The Salad Bar is another preferred destination for the visitors, beyond all that sea food. The delicious, leaking in delicious chocolate fare, is one of the most mouth watering of the treats. At every table that it is served, the patrons of adjoining tables are constantly caught eying it, even before they realize that they are looking at the next-door neighbor’s food. Stop by and see, whenever you remain in community, and seek in the satisfaction of a good breakfast, lunch, high tea and even a late dinner, at this fantastic area, looking way out to the sea, with the fantastic red wines they offer at this dining establishment.

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