Florida is popular for the seas that surround the peninsula. It’s an ample setting for fish and shellfish and seafaring. The scent of grills steaming up numerous fish and shellfish. Although the most predominant of the food around the festival are yet oysters. During the event, there are two oyster-themed competitions that bring in a lot of the audience; the oyster-eating contest and the oyster-shucking competition. A water fountain of oysters coming from the participant’s mouth is not a rather (nor fragrant) view. Be sure to bring a raincoat if you locate yourself in the unlucky spot in the front row seat. It’s quick! Well, as fast as the hand relocates anyway. It’s a different breed of appeal. There’s likewise the true blessing of the vessels in Battery Park. The true blessing is being carried out by King Retsyo and Miss Florida Fish And Shellfish. The marina and the piers are typically jampacked, wanting to catch a bit of the true blessing the pairs are providing out. If it’s for the Redfish Run, then it’s a race that would be very well for the health aficionado.

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