Ericeira is a fishing town 50 kilometres northeast of Lisbon, 25 kilometres from Sintra and 10 km from Mafra. It has the Atlantic Sea as an everlasting buddy. Its fine fish and shellfish restaurants have actually made the town preferred as an area to appreciate an evening out with friends. The seafront offers fantastic sundowns and interesting places of worship, such as the St Sebastian chapel. The Portuguese republican activity had established a powerful base of support in Lisbon where half the nations educators, medical professionals and accounting professionals resided. Junior army and navy officers, factory workers, journalists and civil servants were joining together to be initiated right into the Carbonari secret society that had actually spread out from Italy to Portugal. The Carbonari were committed to the overthrow of the monarchy and the curtailing of the powers of the church. The monarchy was captured entirely unawares by the speed of events. King Manuel II was playing bridge with the checking out president of Brazil, when he was recommended to take a trip to Mafra where the royal family members spent their last evening, prior to cruising into British protection from the shores of Praia dos Pescadores in Ericeira. In the heart of the village sits the Casa da Cultura of Ericeira. There are routine efficiencies of classical music by world class musicians that at a mere 3 euros entrance cost must not be missed out on.

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