Filipino called coconut oil as “the pharmacy in a bottle”. Coconut oil is rich in more than 50% of lauric acid, a material that just offers in milk and a few of foods in nature. Coconut oil is absolutely good for human body, it is the healthiest fat. While the lauric acid is just one of tool chain fatty acids, easily broken down and taken in, does not gather in the body, and fairly secure, uneasy to great negative. Lauric acid can enhance the body’s immune system, has a strong dangerous on the body bacteria, infections, even the gastrointestinal system bloodsuckers, suitable for children, senior, frail and at risk immune shortage people intake. Coconut oil can reduce cholesterol ratio, do not enhance the body metabolic process load, can avoid heart disease and other heart diseases. At the same time, lauric acid will certainly not be gathered in the vessel wall to trigger atherosclerosis, so that lower vascular conditions. For delicate skin, coconut oil can boost the skin adaptability, calming lips split, sunburn, frostbite, baby diaper breakout and gingivitis. Coconut oil can enhance metabolic process, have the feature of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-cancer, activated thyroid, additionally have the effect of maintaining energy degrees, maintaining blood sugar level, making psychological clarity, emotional stability, etc. For sunburn, eczema, insect attacks, skin roughness, skin cancer additionally have a therapeutic impact. Coconut oil can aid obese individuals come to be healthy and balanced and slendering, do not need to damage down by lipase, simple to be used as energy combustion conversion.

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